Auto Repair television production and media buying is our specialty. We work with agencies and clients direct. Media placement is not required to purchase our television production. Our television team produces high quality standard and high definition commercials. Review our current media kit with a comprehensive list of our services.

Our experienced media buying team micro targets budgets of all sizes. has the competitive advertising intelligence to ensure your message reaches your target. Examine an example of the research we utilize.

We display our traditional commercials as examples of our skills. We live in an era of access, this also results in the pirating of our work. Our award winning creativity ranges from traditional scripts to attention grabbing masterpieces.

Television Cable & Broadcast

Highest Quality, Creative and Effective. Ready in 48 Hours.
Our team will impress. Closed Captioning available.

Custom Design (English) $499
Custom Design (Spanish) $598
Video Shoot Design $2499
High Definition Design $5000

Explore our television library.

Generic & Custom Jingles

Jingles make your commercial stand out, improve name recall and motivate consumers. We have a large library of affordable generic jingles. We also offer male, female and Spanish voices.

Generic Jingles $499
Personalized Jingles $999
Custom Jingles $1199

Learn more about our jingles.

Why pay large production fees before you see what can do for you? Request your free custom design demo. Your website link is all the information we need to create the first version. We make all the edits needed until you approve. Never any obligation to purchase. We do not make template ads, we create custom commercials. Our commercials are full buy out and ready in less than 48 hours. Never any additional fees or royalties.

"Spectacular! I hope your company never goes away. You made the process easy, the cost was low and the quality of all four commercials were impressive" is one of many testimonials from current and previous clients. We make the media production and media buying process easy. No forms to complete. No fine print.

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